New this week in Thunder Run:

Elite Javelin Gunner

Target locked, Commanders! Rockets away!

Amongst all the new training regimens recently made available to several of our top Infantry in the form of expanded level caps, an all new unit class has emerged, and is available now. Say hello to the Elite Javelin Gunner!

Features Include:

  • The Elite Javelin Gunner has improved range, firepower, damage over time, and has higher HP than the Javelin Gunner.
  • “Ballistic shield” ability: Press E to make the Elite Javelin Gunner practically invincible for a few seconds, at the cost of their move speed dropping to 25%.

Insta-build Event!

That’s not all, Commanders! Through the weekend of September 18th to September 21st, 2020, a new Global Aura will be in effect that allows instant-build and instant-research for hardware recipes. Keep an eye out for more details tomorrow!

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Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: New Elite Javelin Gunner, Hardware Insta-build Event and more! – September 17th Patch Notes