This weekend in Thunder Run:

Voice of the Commander Updates

We’re celebrating with a quality-of-life update based on your player feedback that’s intended to address a few of the issues and suggestions that you’ve brought forth to us via the “Voice of the Commander” trackers. Don’t see the update you were hoping for in this week’s release? Fear not, as there is still plenty more to come.

Acoustic Mine balance tweaks

We have heard your feedback loud and clear, and made some balance tweaks to the Acoustic Mines. They now have the following effects:

  • Stun now affects infantry and vehicles instead of just infantry
  • Damage debuff now affects all unit types instead of just infantry.
  • Range debuff now affects all unit types instead of just infantry and vehicles.
  • Speed debuff now affects infantry as well as vehicles.

Game improvements

And that’s not all, Commander! We made some tweaks to the UI as well! Any “On Impact” effects that have either 0 power or 0 duration at the current level or next level will not show the stat any longer.

The hover tooltip text for On Impact text will now list target types it has no effect against. Taking the Acoustic Mine’s changes above, for example, it now shows which targets its doesn’t have any effect on, if any.

Only air units are immune, as vehicles are now affected
Range reduction now affects all units

To see where the design team currently stands on various Community suggested features and game improvements, check out the Thunder Run Voice of the Commander Tracker.

We have some exciting news, announcements, and more waiting for you on our most recent edition of the Battlehouse Dev Blog.

Have new feedback to share? Let us know over on our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Voice of the Commander Updates – December 17th Patch Notes