New this week in Thunder Run:

Apocalypse: Chapter Two

Greetings, Commanders!

Chapter Two of the Apocalypse Event is here! Featuring a new map map: Apocalyptic Gundar! Race to gather Seismic Data! These will be required to unlock Chapter 3.

We have received a few recurring questions about this event, and we do apologize for the lack of intel on that, Commander. But we’re going to answer the most asked here:

Volcanic Towers are OP. How do we even do this event?

Volcanic Towers can be weakened via an unresearchable tech will shield against lava and thermal damage. This is rewarded upon getting a certain amount of seismic data. It is recommended to do lower level event bases for now, or wait a little. More info below.

Why do we have to do tens of thousands of event bases to beat this event?

You don’t, and we apologize for not communicating this earlier. At the moment, the amount of seismic data obtained per event base it intentionally set too low as a throttling mechanism. The 150,000 seismic data objective is meant to be unreachable at this time, so as to give time for our developers to finish Chapter 3.

As soon as Chapter 3 is ready, seismic data rewards will be increased hugely. By this time, it should be easier to hit the threshold where you can get the heat shield, as well as the full amount required to unlock Chapter 3. Or, you are also free to keep farming now so when Chapter 3 releases, you get the heat shield earlier.

Bug fix

  • Bug preventing Oscar leaders from being promoted is now fixed. Other Oscar-related concerns are being looked into.

We again thank everyone who has stood by with us for all this time, and those will stand with us until the end. We hope you like what we have left in store for you in the coming months.

Still, if you have any feedback, please head on and share them on our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Apocalypse: Chapter 2 – January 12th Patch Notes