New this week in Thunder Run:

Apocalypse: Chapter 3

Greetings, Commanders!

The final chapter of the Apocalypse Event is here!

This is it, folks! The finale of finales. Featuring:

  • Increased Seismic Datum and Data amount obtained from Apocalyptic Gundar map.
  • Heat shield awarded after hitting certain thresholds of seismic data progress. That is plural. So players get multiple shields that stack and caps at 70% damage reduction from Volcanic Towers!
  • Apocalypse: Chapter II added to Singles, This is a “bridge” mission to Chapter III.
  • Apocalypse: Chapter III added to Singles. Stop Red Pole from destroying Gundar! Or at least, you can certainly try!
  • Volcanic ash and lava may fall on your base during defense missions. They may or may not look like missile strikes from afar. Heads up!

The Future

We truly appreciate your patience, Commanders, while we have hunkered down to get this Apocalypse Event out. As previously stated, this will be the final update to the game. Of course, there are some lingering bugs that you have brought forth to us, and we will try our best to fix them in the upcoming weeks if time and resources allow.

This is not the final Patch Note of the game. Not yet, anyway. So we won’t say our final goodbye… yet. Instead, we would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that have been with us until now. We only got this far because of you. Thank you.

If you have any feedback, please head on and share them on our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Apocalypse: The End