This week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Spring Hardware Prizes

A selection of rare prizes from ONP Special Events is available for Hardware in the Store → Hardware Prizes menu.

This limited-time sale ends May 17th – after that, ONP will be needed again to obtain these items.

To earn Hardware, battle Single Player enemies featuring the Hardware icon Hardware icon, or loot your human rivals!

Special unit blueprints are in stock, including:

  • Elite Rifleman
  • BMP-1
  • Ka-50
  • MSTA
  • Elite TOS-1A
  • Mi-24D Hind and Elite Mi-24D Hind
  • plus more!

Core turret blueprints up to Level 16:

  • MG Tower
  • Mortar
  • and TOW Missile Launcher

Rare turret blueprints up to Level 12:

  • M45 Quadmount
  • C-RAM
  • High Energy Laser
  • and M777 Howitzer

Plus a selection of rare leaders from Alpha, Bravo, and other leader teams to complete your collections.

Good hunting, commanders!

Spring Hardware Prizes – May 10 Patch Notes