New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Turret Blueprint Sale

  • This week only, the following turret blueprints for Level 11-12 are on sale for 50% less ONP in the Event Prizes store:
    • FASCAM
    • HEL Laser & Elevated HEL Laser
    • M45 Quadmount
    • Artillery
    • C-RAM

Unit Improvements

  • The following units now have 10% greater HP at all levels:
    • Elite Rifleman
    • Elite OH-58
    • BMP-1
    • MQ-8B (Thunder Run only – DoV version already had the increased HP)

Field Repair Kit Fixed

(This fix was applied to Days of Valor last week, and takes effect in Thunder Run today:)

The Field Repair Kit item can now resurrect units destroyed in the current battle on the Multiplayer Map. Previously, this item had a bug where it could only resurrect units destroyed in Single Player battles.

As before, two intended limitations still apply to the Field Repair Kit: first, it does not work during battles that take place at your own home base, and second, it does not apply to reinforcement units donated by Clanmates.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Turret Blueprint Sale, Elite Unit Improvements – August 10 Patch Notes