New this week in War Star Empire:

Level 12 Warehouse/Reserves Bay

Happy Halloween, Commanders! We’re hearing your community feedback loud and clear. Last week as part of our weekly “War Star Empire Voice of the Commander” sweep, a few of you expressed to us that you want more Warehouse space, as well as an increase in Army Capacity from the Reserves Bay. Guess what? We’re here to deliver. We may not have any candy to hand out to all of you this Halloween, but more Warehouse space and Army Capacity is even better! Effective today:

  • The Warehouse is now upgradeable to L12 for players who have Central Computer L8, and all existing Warehouse levels have been given a buff to warehouse space.
  • The Reserves Bay is now upgradeable to L11, allowing you to increase your army capacity!

Like what you see? Let us know over in the “war-star-empire” channel within our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

WSE: Level 12 Warehouse and Reserves Bay – October 31st Patch Notes