New this week in War Star Empire:

Missile upgrades

Heads up, Commander! Our engineers just had a breakthrough on our missile technology, and some of them now deliver a little extra kick!

The Shockwave Missile level cap has been increased to Level 15, and the Stiletto Missile level cap has been increased to Level 13!

L15 Shockwave Missile Stats and Requirements
L13 Stiletto Missile Volley Stats and Requirements

Game improvements

And that’s not all, Commander! If you’re tired of upgrading your defensive walls one by one, then this is for you: there’s now an option to upgrade all barriers with a single click!

Clicking “Upgrade All” will give you the option on whether to upgrade all barriers if your resources are enough, or to upgrade the entire base’s barriers using Gold.

If you like to do it the old-fashioned way and don’t see yourself using it, you may turn this option off in your game settings.

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Good hunting, Commanders!

WSE: Missile Upgrades and more – July 1st Patch Notes