New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

More Hardware Loot

This week’s Ambush! enemy (Single Player only) features larger and more frequent Hardware loot than before.

TOC Officer Cost Reduction

The Hardware cost to upgrade TOC Leaders between Levels 1-20 has been reduced by 33%.

TOC Officer L21+ Trade-Ins

Level 21+ TOC Leaders can now be traded in for a partial return of the Hardware used to upgrade them.

Didn’t get the type of TOC Leader you were hoping for in the L20->L21 upgrade step, when bonus stats are randomized? Trade in the unwanted Leader! Move him into your Warehouse, click his icon, and use the “Trade In” option.

The amount of Hardware you will get for the trade-in appears at the bottom of the information tooltip on the TOC Leader item.


  • TOC Leaders can only be traded in at Level 21 and higher. Level 20 and below are not eligible for trade-in.
  • The amount of Hardware returned is limited by your Hardware Depot storage space. Any returned Hardware that does not fit in your Depot storage will be lost – so check your Depots before trading!

Good hunting, Commanders!

More Hardware Loot & TOC Officer Improvements