Want to win a FREE Unit or Turret Blueprint of your choosing? The Battle Replay Contest is nearing it’s end! Post a link to your most entertaining and action-packed Battle Replay as a comment on our Thunder Run Forums, or Days of Valor Forums no later than Friday, April 14th at 18:00 GMT to become eligible to receive a free blueprint of your choosing.

The player who showcases the most entertaining and action-packed Battle Replay will be selected by our Community Team and announced on the forums on Friday, April 14th. From there, a member of our Community Team will reach out to you on the forums with more instructions on how to claim your prize. The winning Battle Replay may also be selected to become a featured video on our Battlehouse social media pages.

Good hunting, Commanders!

NOTE: To post a Battle Replay link, click the “B” icon at the top of your game to open your “Battle Log”, click “View Log” next to the battle you want to share, followed by “View Replay”. Once the replay loads, click the “Get Link” button and paste the link to your desired social media platform (see Forums, Facebook, or Twitter links above).

Battle Replay Contest Almost Over!