FS: Armed Tactical Ops Center – September 26th Patch Notes

New this week in Firestrike:

Armed Tactical Ops Center

Time to bolster your Tactical Ops Center defenses, Firestrikers! This week we’re rolling out the all new Armed Tactical Ops Center that will allow you to start assigning various Squads to protect your base even further. Squads work similar to turrets in that they’ll defend a radius surrounding the TOC, firing as enemy units approach.

Squads Include:

  • Sniper Nest – Anti-infantry Weapon
  • Javelin Squad – Anti-vehicle Weapon
  • Stinger Squad – Anti-air Weapon
    • All three Squads / Nests can attack every unit type, but it’s important to note that only one TOC weapon can be deployed at a time, so pick the Squad / Nest that works best for your strategy!

Like what you see? Let us know over on Clan HQ!

Good hunting, Firestrikers!

FS: More Landmine Improvements – August 1st Patch Notes

New this week in Firestrike:

More Landmine Improvements

Watch your step, Firestrikers! We’ve made some more much desired improvements to Landmines:

Updates include:

  • Landmine damage has been increased by 565%.
  • Landmine detonation range has been significantly reduced at higher levels.
  • Landmine splash damage has been tightened.
    • Previously, Landmines were originally intended to be 3x as powerful as a Turret, but this failed to take into account that mines get a single shot before they’re gone. This being said: Mines are now 20x as powerful as a Turret.

Like what you see? Let us know! Mines require extremely careful balancing to find that perfect balance of making them fun and powerful for everyone without being too over-powered, so we’ll be monitoring player feedback and battle replays closely and may adjust things further down the road if deemed necessary. 

Good hunting, Firestrikers!

FS: Landmine Improvements – June 13th Patch Notes

New this week in Firestrike:

Landmine Improvements

Watch your step, Firestrikers! We’ve made a bug fix and some much desired improvements to the recently released Landmines system.

Updates include:

  • We fixed a visual bug that was causing all levels of Landmines to show the Level 1 Damage and Splash Range values instead of the values for their actual level. All levels of Landmines should now show their proper values.
  • Damage values for all Mine levels have increased.
    • Previously, a Mine would do 2x the damage when exploded that a turret could do in one second. Now they do 3x the damage!

Like what you see? Let us know! Mines require extremely careful balancing to find that perfect balance of making them fun and powerful for everyone without being too over-powered, so we’ll be monitoring player feedback and battle replays closely and may adjust things further down the road if deemed necessary. 

Good hunting, Firestrikers!

FS: Landmines Update – April 25th Patch Notes

New this week in Firestrike:

Landmines Update

Watch your step, Commanders! Landmines are  here, and It’s finally time to utilize some of the extra space you opened up around your base in the recent Base Expansion update.

  • Unlock Landmines by building the all new Weapons Lab and Weapons Factory buildings available in the Build Menu.
  • The Weapons Lab will be the home for all of your mine research and upgrades, while the Weapons Factory will handle all mine production.
  • After constructing the buildings, build your first Minefields from the Defense section within the Build Menu.
  • After the Minefields are placed, you still need to produce Mines to arm them! Head into your Weapons Factory to build some Anti-Infantry Mines to start.
  • Don’t forget to re-arm your Minefields after each defense!
  • Head to the Unlock & Upgrade section within the Weapons Lab to research additional types of Mines, and to unlock more buildable Minefields.

Like what you see? Let us know over on Clan HQ.

Good hunting, Commanders!

FS: Base Perimeter Upgrade – February 28th Patch Notes

New this week in Firestrike:

Base Perimeter Upgrade System

Good news, Commanders! Gundar Arms Industries has secured a new deal on land charters, granting us the ability to purchase more land around our base perimeter for a modest fee. 

  • Starting today: Expand by your base perimeter by an additional 5%!
  • Coming later: Stay tuned for more unlock tiers allowing you expand by additional 5% increments.

The L1 Base Perimeter upgrade is available now, and accessible via the in-game “Defenses” Store. Like what you see? Let us know over on Clan HQ.

It’s a good time to consider re-arranging the home base to make room for room for the next big developments Gundar Arms Industries has in store for us. More updates are on the horizon… Watch your step, Commander.

Firestrike: Speed Run Battle Replay Event

This week in Firestrike:

Think you’ve got what it takes to prove you’re the Master of Firestrike? Find and attack bh-prince’s base on the Regional Map from August 27th – September 3rd in between the hours of 11:00am – 5:00pm PST (18:00 – 00:00 GMT) daily. Destroy his TOC with over 70% total base damage, and then direct message your Battle Replay link to “bh-prince” using our free chat platform, Clan HQ. Submit your replay link no later than Monday, September September 3rd at 5:00pm PST (00:00 GMT) to become eligible to win BIG prizes! 💰

Contest Rules

  • Participating players must attack bh-prince’s base to enter the event.
  • Players can only attack the base from 11:00am – 5:00pm PST (18:00 – 00:00 GMT) between the dates of August 27th – September 3rd.
  • Total base destruction must be over 70% for your entry to qualify.
  • TOC must be destroyed for your entry to qualify.
  • Target base will be repaired within 10 minutes of a successful attack.
  • Target base will relocate once every 1 hour, alternating between Map 300 and Map 301, and spawning in random locations.
  • Players may use any units at their disposal to get the fastest time possible
  • Total “time of attack” will be based on the battle duration in the Battle Replay.
  • Players participating in the event must submit a Battle Replay link via direct message to “bh-prince” on Clan HQ.
  • Players can only attack the target base a max of 3x per day. Attacking more than 3x per day will disqualify the participating player from the contest.
  • Players may attack other player’s battalions within the Event Base area (clans are encouraged to work together to help protect your friends from other players fighting to get attack priority on the Event Base)
  • Player standings will be updated once every day and posted in Clan HQ.


  • 1st Place: 2,000 Gold, 5x Instant Repairs, x5 Battalion Speed Boosts (and your replay will be featured on our Battlehouse YouTube channel)
  • 2nd Place: 1,000 Gold, 3x Instant Repairs, x3 Battalion Speed Boosts
  • 3rd Place: 500 Gold, , 3x Instant Repairs, x3 Battalion Speed Boosts

Good hunting!

Firestrike: PvP Update for Season 3

Coming in Firestrike on January 11th at 1700 GMT:

Season 3 PvP Update

  • The PvP attack level limit will narrow from +/-4 levels to +/-3 levels.

This change is intended to address the balance problem where defenders don’t have the means to handle attacks from players 4 TOC levels ahead of them.

In other news, the design team is currently reviewing the difficulty of base upgrade progression, especially around the TOC level 3-10 range. We are also working on adding a new “help out a Clanmate” feature.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Firestrike – December 21 Patch Notes

New this week in Firestrike:

Regional Map Updates

  • Many new AI Camps have been added to the map, providing a greater variety of lootable targets for players at all TOC levels.
    • We are closely monitoring the availability of targets for each TOC level, and will continue to make adjustments as necessary.
  • Player bases and AI Camps now have unique icons showing the TOC level of the base.
  • An extended tutorial is in testing for our newest players. This tutorial guides players to create battalions and fight on the regional map. Easy-to-attack L2 and L3 camps have been added for low-level players to practice on.

Game Interface Updates

  • Unit health bars now display an indication of the unit’s total HP. The more ticked segments you see on the health bar, the stronger the unit.
    • Note: The number of segments matches the TOC level the unit is designed for. For example, a unit showing 7 segments on its health bar is ideal for TOC Level 7 players.

Good hunting, commanders!

Firestrike – October 19 Patch Notes

New today in Firestrike:

As announced earlier this week, we are rolling out increased loot rewards for AI bases on the Multiplayer map today, plus other improvements:

Balance Updates

  • Grab those resources! AI bases on the Multiplayer map — meaning enemies like Gashi, Mandel, Cyclops, etc — now give significantly more loot.
    • Increases range from 20-100% depending on level.
    • There is a very small increase to unit resource consumption at TOC Levels 8-15 to preserve the target PvE gain/loss ratio, but this is a smaller change than the AI loot boost.

Game Interface Updates

  • Most AI-controlled bases now display an estimate of the available Supply, Fuel, and Hardware loot in the Attack → Single Player and Map menus.
  • When attacking an enemy of lower level than you, a new on-screen message displays the amount of level-based reduction in resource loot.
    • There has always been a loot penalty when attacking lower-level enemies; this message just explains the reason for the current amounts you are seeing.
  • The Single Player menu has been updated to show more info about difficulty and loot from AI enemies, and to better highlight recommended challenges. Our post from earlier this week explains the details.
    • There is no change to loot or availability of Single Player enemies this week; only the user interface has been tweaked.
  • The Attack → “Multiplayer” button has been renamed “Map & Multiplayer”
  • The Clan History tab on the Player Info menu now displays the name of the officer responsible for inviting or kicking a member.

Good hunting, commanders!

Firestrike – Upcoming Balance Updates

New updates coming this week in Firestrike:

Coming Soon: Balance Improvements!

After the end of the special event on October 19, we will begin rolling out an update that adds significantly more resource loot from AI-controlled bases on the map.

Over the last two weeks, the design team has been intensively monitoring the Season 2 game economy. As players have certainly noticed, the limited access to Single-Player enemies and increased resource costs have created a bottleneck when trying to save up for major upgrades.

We have been aware of this issue since very early in Season 2, but until now we did not have enough data to decide exactly where, and by how much, we can raise resource income without throwing the economy out of balance. With the analysis now complete, we are ready to start scaling up loot.

After this update, players at all levels will find much more Supply, Fuel, and Hardware available in AI-controlled bases across the map. We hope to see players fighting more battles and winning more loot, since the rewards for battling will be significantly bigger!

Note: These increases will apply only to the Multiplayer Map – not Single Player – to encourage more cooperative Clan activity and map exploration.

A few other things we have learned in Season 2:

Teaching Efficient Strategy

Many mid-level players, around TOC Levels 5-10, have been winning less resources in battle than they should, because they are spending too much time attacking low-level enemies. While it is certainly fun and easy to destroy a Level 2 or 3 opponent when you are Level 5+, the large loot penalty for attacking “down” several TOC levels means that you are not gaining nearly as much resources as you could.

Generally, the most efficient way to loot more resources is by attacking similar-level enemies, or at most 1 or 2 TOC levels “down”. You may take more damage, but the increased loot amounts should more than offset this.

To help guide new players toward more efficient attack strategies, we will be adding extra on-screen messages about the existing level-based loot penalties. These will not be news to advanced players – most TOC Level 10+ players are following the optimal attack strategy already – but we feel it’s important to educate newly-rising commanders before they find themselves too short of resources.

We are also planning some adjustments to the Single Player menu listings, to make the best targets for each player easier to access. This week’s update will not change the availability or rewards for Single Player enemies, but the listing order of existing enemies may change.

PvP Balance

We are still checking on PvP balance issues, like “battalion sniping” and resource losses due to raids by higher-level players. This week’s update does not include any PvP rule changes, but as always, we will continue to monitor the situation and make more adjustments as necessary.

Good hunting, commanders!