Firestrike: PvP Update for Season 3

Coming in Firestrike on January 11th at 1700 GMT:

Season 3 PvP Update

  • The PvP attack level limit will narrow from +/-4 levels to +/-3 levels.

This change is intended to address the balance problem where defenders don’t have the means to handle attacks from players 4 TOC levels ahead of them.

In other news, the design team is currently reviewing the difficulty of base upgrade progression, especially around the TOC level 3-10 range. We are also working on adding a new “help out a Clanmate” feature.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Firestrike – December 21 Patch Notes

New this week in Firestrike:

Regional Map Updates

  • Many new AI Camps have been added to the map, providing a greater variety of lootable targets for players at all TOC levels.
    • We are closely monitoring the availability of targets for each TOC level, and will continue to make adjustments as necessary.
  • Player bases and AI Camps now have unique icons showing the TOC level of the base.
  • An extended tutorial is in testing for our newest players. This tutorial guides players to create battalions and fight on the regional map. Easy-to-attack L2 and L3 camps have been added for low-level players to practice on.

Game Interface Updates

  • Unit health bars now display an indication of the unit’s total HP. The more ticked segments you see on the health bar, the stronger the unit.
    • Note: The number of segments matches the TOC level the unit is designed for. For example, a unit showing 7 segments on its health bar is ideal for TOC Level 7 players.

Good hunting, commanders!

Firestrike – October 19 Patch Notes

New today in Firestrike:

As announced earlier this week, we are rolling out increased loot rewards for AI bases on the Multiplayer map today, plus other improvements:

Balance Updates

  • Grab those resources! AI bases on the Multiplayer map — meaning enemies like Gashi, Mandel, Cyclops, etc — now give significantly more loot.
    • Increases range from 20-100% depending on level.
    • There is a very small increase to unit resource consumption at TOC Levels 8-15 to preserve the target PvE gain/loss ratio, but this is a smaller change than the AI loot boost.

Game Interface Updates

  • Most AI-controlled bases now display an estimate of the available Supply, Fuel, and Hardware loot in the Attack → Single Player and Map menus.
  • When attacking an enemy of lower level than you, a new on-screen message displays the amount of level-based reduction in resource loot.
    • There has always been a loot penalty when attacking lower-level enemies; this message just explains the reason for the current amounts you are seeing.
  • The Single Player menu has been updated to show more info about difficulty and loot from AI enemies, and to better highlight recommended challenges. Our post from earlier this week explains the details.
    • There is no change to loot or availability of Single Player enemies this week; only the user interface has been tweaked.
  • The Attack → “Multiplayer” button has been renamed “Map & Multiplayer”
  • The Clan History tab on the Player Info menu now displays the name of the officer responsible for inviting or kicking a member.

Good hunting, commanders!

Firestrike – Upcoming Balance Updates

New updates coming this week in Firestrike:

Coming Soon: Balance Improvements!

After the end of the special event on October 19, we will begin rolling out an update that adds significantly more resource loot from AI-controlled bases on the map.

Over the last two weeks, the design team has been intensively monitoring the Season 2 game economy. As players have certainly noticed, the limited access to Single-Player enemies and increased resource costs have created a bottleneck when trying to save up for major upgrades.

We have been aware of this issue since very early in Season 2, but until now we did not have enough data to decide exactly where, and by how much, we can raise resource income without throwing the economy out of balance. With the analysis now complete, we are ready to start scaling up loot.

After this update, players at all levels will find much more Supply, Fuel, and Hardware available in AI-controlled bases across the map. We hope to see players fighting more battles and winning more loot, since the rewards for battling will be significantly bigger!

Note: These increases will apply only to the Multiplayer Map – not Single Player – to encourage more cooperative Clan activity and map exploration.

A few other things we have learned in Season 2:

Teaching Efficient Strategy

Many mid-level players, around TOC Levels 5-10, have been winning less resources in battle than they should, because they are spending too much time attacking low-level enemies. While it is certainly fun and easy to destroy a Level 2 or 3 opponent when you are Level 5+, the large loot penalty for attacking “down” several TOC levels means that you are not gaining nearly as much resources as you could.

Generally, the most efficient way to loot more resources is by attacking similar-level enemies, or at most 1 or 2 TOC levels “down”. You may take more damage, but the increased loot amounts should more than offset this.

To help guide new players toward more efficient attack strategies, we will be adding extra on-screen messages about the existing level-based loot penalties. These will not be news to advanced players – most TOC Level 10+ players are following the optimal attack strategy already – but we feel it’s important to educate newly-rising commanders before they find themselves too short of resources.

We are also planning some adjustments to the Single Player menu listings, to make the best targets for each player easier to access. This week’s update will not change the availability or rewards for Single Player enemies, but the listing order of existing enemies may change.

PvP Balance

We are still checking on PvP balance issues, like “battalion sniping” and resource losses due to raids by higher-level players. This week’s update does not include any PvP rule changes, but as always, we will continue to monitor the situation and make more adjustments as necessary.

Good hunting, commanders!

Firestrike Season 2 Updates – September 28 Patch Notes

We’re deploying a few changes today to smooth out the transition from Single Player to map-based resource gathering in Firestrike:

  • All players active this week will receive 3x 12-hour and 1x 1-day shield items to use at your convenience.
  • For a limited time (at least through October 5), AI enemies on the regional map now contain +30% greater resource loot than normal.
    • This applies to all AI enemies that re-spawn on the map throughout this week, Sept 28-Oct 5.
  • We’ve doubled the number of Tier 3, 7, and 11 resource quarries on the map.
  • For a limited time, auto-resolve has been disabled, while we work on improving balance for battalion-vs-battalion combat.
  • To counter unexpectedly high inflow of Battalion Jump items, the day-7 login reward will be changed from 5 Battalion Jumps to 3 Battalion Jumps.

Trending Issues

We are actively monitoring the situation around +/- level limits in PvP. As we analyze more battle logs, we may apply more changes to balance high-level vs. low-level PvP combat, and ensure that low-level players can hunt for enough resources to keep their upgrades moving, while high-level players still have an array of worthy enemies to attack.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Prize Token Upgrade Times

Quick update on Firestrike:

For the remaining Prize Token duration this week, we’ve set upgrade times for research/training enhancements down to 50% of their pre-Season-2 values, so that players can use up the accumulated Prize Tokens that they planned to spend this week at the pre-Season-2 upgrade rate.

We apologize for inadvertently creating a situation where players were unable to spend Prize Tokens as planned on Friday and Saturday after the upgrade times went up for Season 2. This was an unanticipated side-effect of the Season 2 deployment.

Firestrike Season 2 Q&A

The design team has sent us some quick responses to the most common concerns about Season 2 updates in Firestrike:

With many AI enemies switching from Single Player to the regional map, won’t L15+ players become even more dominant against lower-level battalions?

Much of the dominance of high-level players comes not from high-DPS/HP units, but from the ability to instantly teleport battalions around the map. The switch from unlimited Gold-based teleporting to Battalion Jump items will level the playing field by giving all players access to the teleport ability, while at the same time capping the number of Battalion Jumps available to each player, so that they will only be used in true emergency situations.

High-level players still have the most powerful units and battalions, but now groups of lower-level players should be able to take advantage of improved fairness in map movement to outmaneuver lone high-level dominators.

Won’t it be too hard for low-level players to gather resources now?

A group of alpha testers has been playing with all TOC L5+ AI enemies changed from Single to Multiplayer, and these players still gather about the same amount of resources each day as they did before the switch.

Of course, we’ll continue to monitor the situation on the Battlehouse server to make sure resource gathering on the map does not become a bottleneck.

Upgrade costs have gone up significantly for mid-level players; doesn’t this cause too much boring “grinding”?

Firestrike has roughly the same amount of upgrades as our previous games, but players have been advancing towards max levels far more quickly than we’ve ever seen, running the risk of exhausting the game content before the design team can prepare additional unlocks and upgrades. The increased resource and time requirements are intended to dial back the pace of progression more in line with previous successful Battlehouse titles. (we’re still monitoring this, and may make changes if the “grinding” becomes too much for a majority of players to handle).

For context, please note that the original design balance for Firestrike was targeted to a more casual, lower-skilled audience than previous Battlehouse games, and thus it had lower resource requirements. But in reality, the current player base has shown significantly more skill and time investment in Firestrike, relative to the average Battlehouse player, and we needed to raise the game difficulty to account for this.

Firestrike Season 2 Testing

New this week in Firestrike:

Season 2 Updates

New game features and balance updates are rolling out in all maps today! Highlights include:

  • Battalion movement speed is now 50% faster.
  • The “Regrouping” cooldown is now 6 seconds, down from 8 seconds previously.
  • Players can now create and deploy up to four battalions at once.
  • … and more, see below for full details

Read more on the Season 2 Info page.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Top Hits, Player & Clan Replays

New this week in Firestrike:

Watch Today’s Battle Action

Who did the most damage today? And what tactics did they use?

You can now view replays of the biggest battles from the last 24 hours at the new “Top Hits” page:

Top Hits | Firestrike

Player and Clan Replays

To improve discussions about strategy and tactics, and to showcase the victories of our strongest players and clans, we’re now linking the latest battle replays for top players and clans on

To access them, visit the Top Hits page and click on any player name or clan tag. Or, use the new “View Battles” button on the Player Info menu in game.

Feedback Wanted

Would you like to see more stats and rankings for battles, players, and clans on Join the discussion in our forum thread and post your suggestions for new stats and rankings!