New today in Days of Valor:

  • In Single-Player bases and AI-controlled camps, 35% of the total Hardware loot now comes from destroying the TOC.
  • Destroying all Hardware Depots, but leaving the TOC standing, will give only 65% of the total available Hardware.
  • A bug affecting the previous Hardware loot shift has been fixed.

These changes are intended to solve the problem where players attack AI camps on the map, destroy Hardware Depots/Yards, but leave the TOC untouched, preventing fresh new camps from spawning.

Players who want to loot all available Hardware must destroy the TOC, which will cause the camp to disappear and be replaced by a fresh new copy elsewhere on the map.

We’re gathering feedback on this change for possible future deployment into other games.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Days of Valor: Hardware Loot Shift Update