New this week in Thunder Run and Days of Valor:

Elite Turret Level 24 Upgrades

  • The following advanced turret weapons can now be upgraded to Level 24 using new blueprints from the Event Prizes store:
    • FASCAM
    • C-RAM
    • HEL Laser
    • M45 Quadmount
    • Artillery

ONP Unit Improvements

  • The Elite Rifleman, BMP-1 now have 20% greater HP at all levels.
    • This is in addition to the increases of 20% HP each unit received in the June 29 and July 13 updates.
  • (Thunder Run only): The MQ-8B also gains 20% greater HP at all levels
    • DoV’s version of this unit already has boosted HP

Hardware TOC Allocation

  • In Single-Player AI bases and AI-controlled bases on the Map, now 40% of available Hardware loot will come from destroying the TOC. Destroying Hardware Depots alone will yield only 60% of the total Hardware in the base.
  • In addition, a bug was fixed that previously caused AI bases to shift less than the intended amount of loot from Hardware Depots into the TOC. The new 40% assignment should apply in all cases now, even on second and following attacks against the same base.

(Thunder Run only) Non-Map Matchmaking Improved

  • A bug has been fixed in the match-making system used for Thunder Run’s “Non-map” regions. This fix makes it more likely that players looking for a Multiplayer opponent will be able to find one, instead of being told there is nobody to fight.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Elite Turret Upgrades, ONP Unit Improvements – July 27 Patch Notes