New this week in Days of Valor:

Elite AH-64 L6 Blueprints

The Elite AH-64 L6 Stats Blueprint is now available in the Event Prizes store, allowing you to upgrade the Elite AH-64’s Health, Damage, Mine Defense, and Blast Defense stats to Level 6. Unlock the blueprint as part of this week’s Renegade Event by spending ONP in the Event Prizes store!

Elite Machine Gunner Unit Improvements

Starting today, HP on Elite Machine Gunners is being increased by 25%, allowing the unit to now max out at 8,000 HP at Level 15!

More Patch Notes

  • Players now automatically obtain in-game gifts for reaching Level 50, 60, and 70!
  • Level 18 Generator power output has been increased to 18,750. This ensures TOC L11 bases can be fully powered when equipped with a maxed-out array of turrets.
  • Elite Machine Gunner Level 6 Stats blueprint price is now 100k ONP in all the store listings.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DV: Elite AH-64 L6 Blueprints, Elite Machine Gunner Unit Improvements, and More! – September 20th Patch Notes