New this week in Days of Valor:

New Elite M12 GMC Unit

A new elite heavy armor unit, the Elite M12 GMC, can now be deployed in your battalions. Can you stop General Bischoff and Stenzer in this week’s onslaught, as they continue to attempt to take over all the modern-technology we know and love in Gundar? Let’s turn their WWII-era technology against them, and send them back to 1945 where they belong. Here’s what you can expect from the “new” Elite M12 GMC:

  • Fastest artillery unit available. Buckle up!
  • Highly maneuverable. Stay just ahead of direct combat units and rain death across the battlefield.
  • Improved rate of fire and improved range.

Upgrade your Maintenance Bay to Level 11, and then look for Elite M12 GMC Blueprints in the Event Prizes Store as part of this week’s Valkyrie ONP Event!

The “New” Elite M12 GMC Unit at Max Level!

Valkyrie Event Loot Boost

In this week’s special event, all Valkyrie single-player levels now give 75% more ONP loot.

Plus, on the map, all Stenzer bases are now packed with 75% more ONP loot and 50% more Fuel/Supply loot.

Earn up to 34,000 ONP, 2.3 million Fuel, and 2.3 million Supply from a full kill of a Stenzer L34 base!

Single Player Rewards:

Single-Player Level ONP Loot
Valkyrie L1 500
Valkyrie L2 600
Valkyrie L3 700
Valkyrie L4 800
Valkyrie L5 900
Valkyrie L6 1,000
Valkyrie L7 1,100
Valkyrie L8 1,100
Valkyrie L9 1,200
Valkyrie L10 1,400
Valkyrie L11 1,600
Valkyrie L12 1,800
Valkyrie L13 2,000
Valkyrie L14 2,200
Valkyrie L15 2,400
Valkyrie L16 2,600
Valkyrie L17 2,800
Valkyrie L18 3,200
Valkyrie L19 4,000
Valkyrie L20 4,400
Valkyrie L21 4,800
Valkyrie L22 5,200
Valkyrie L23 5,600
Valkyrie L24 6,000
Valkyrie L25 6,500
Valkyrie L26 7,000
Valkyrie L27 7,500
Valkyrie L28 8,000
Valkyrie L29 8,500
Valkyrie L30 9,000
Valkyrie L31 9,500
Valkyrie L32 10,000
Total 123,900

Map Base Rewards:

Map Base Fuel/Supply Loot ONP Loot
Stenzer L26 1.2m/1.2m 16,000
Stenzer L30 1.95m/1.95m 25,000
Stenzer L34 2.32m/2.32m 34,000
DV: New Elite M12 GMC Unit, Valkyrie Event Loot Boost – July 12 Patch Notes