New this week in Thunder Run:

New Elite M109A7 Unit

A new elite heavy armor unit, the Elite M109A7, can now be deployed in your battalions. Get ready to bring this Vietnam-era relic into the 21st century, if you think your grease monkeys can handle it.

  • Fastest artillery unit available. Buckle up!
  • Highly maneuverable. Stay just ahead of direct combat units and rain death across the battlefield.
  • Improved rate of fire and improved range.

Upgrade your Maintenance Bay to Level 11, and then look for Elite M109A7 Blueprints in the Event Prizes Store as part of this week’s Murderous ONP Event!

The New Elite M109A7 Unit at Max Level!

Murderous Event Loot Boost

This week only, receive +50% extra ONP from Single-Player bases in the Murderous event. Bonus loot ends on Thursday, July 19! Check out the increased rewards for Single Player:

Single-Player Level ONP Loot
Murderous L1 5,000
Murderous L2 6,000
Murderous L3 7,000
Murderous L4 8,000
Murderous L5 9,000
Murderous L6 12,000
Murderous L7 14,500
Murderous L8 16,000
Murderous L9 19,000
Murderous L10 22,000
Murderous L11 24,000
Murderous L12 32,000
Total 174,500

Macgyver7th Livestream

Want to see a live demo of the new Elite M109A7 and Murderous Event in action? Come watch Battlehouse Streaming Partner Macgyver7th show off this week’s updates for us on his YouTube channel!

  • Livestream starts at 17:30 GMT (10:30am PST / 1:30pm EST)!
  • Livestream will be accessible via Macgyver7th’s YouTube and Twitch channels.
  • Battlehouse Community Manager Commander Cameron will be active in the comments of Macgyver7th’s Livestream to answer player questions and take player feedback. Come let us know what you think about the new unit and updated event!
  • TR: New Elite M109A7 Unit, Murderous Event Loot Boost, Macgyver7th Livestream – July 12 Patch Notes