Congratulations to all who participated in Firestrike’s Vengeance special event! Stay tuned for news about the next event soon, where you’ll have a chance to get prizes you missed last week.

Updates taking effect Friday, February 24:

  • Upgrade times and resource costs for upgrades unlocked at TOC Levels 5, 6, 7, and 8 reduced by 33%.
    • This will make it a bit easier for players to progress through the stretch from TOC levels 5 to 9
    • Players who reach TOC Level 6+ before Feb 27 will receive a free gift item; check in-game Messages.

Tip to prepare for the next special event: As with Vengeance, future event bases will be available at difficulty levels matching Single-Player L4 “IV”, L7 “VII”, and L10 “X” series bases. Practice with your army against these Single-Player levels to get ready for the event!

Also, as in past events, to obtain blueprint prizes you must have already unlocked and researched the “core” units available at the level of the reward.

Firestrike Patch Notes: February 24, 2017