Updates taking effect today in Firestrike:

Defense Power Adjustments
  • Turret emplacement HP reduced by 28% at all levels
  • Turret weapon damage reduced by 28% at all levels
  • Chance of Security Teams spawning in Single-Player enemy bases reduced by 10% at all levels
  • TOC Level 3 and below only:
    • Turret weapon range reduced up to 20%, for levels associated with TOC L1-3.

These changes are part of our ongoing work to balance risk vs. reward for battling in Firestrike. The amount of resources players are looting from Single-Player enemies is still a bit low relative to the repair costs for units lost in attacks, especially at TOC Level 3 and below. Therefore, we are lowering defensive power to make attacks easier.

“White Screen” Bug Fixed
  • A code problem that sometimes caused players to see a “white screen” error on login has been fixed.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Firestrike Patch Notes: March 3, 2017