New this week in Days of Valor:

Elite Rifleman Equipment

  • Ballistic Armor, AP Ammunition, and Laser Sights are now available for the Elite Rifleman.
    Check Event Prizes → Unit Equipment for details.

Patch Notes

Technical updates taking effect this week:

  • When relocating your base within the same map, you are now guaranteed to move at least 3 hexes away from your current location. Previously, there was a chance you could get unlucky and be “moved” only a single hex.
  • The 30-minute temporary Rifleman Damage, Range, and Speed boost items now affect Elite Riflemen as well.
    • Note: permanent AP Ammunition, Laser Sights, and Ballistic Armor items are different for regular Riflemen and Elite Rifleman. This follows the same pattern as other Elite unit equipment.
  • A code problem that sometimes caused players to see a “white screen” error on login has been fixed.
  • A technical problem that sometimes caused Internet Explorer users to disconnect after the end of a battle has been fixed.

Good hunting, Commanders!

Elite Rifleman Equipment and Patch Notes – Days of Valor