New this week in Thunder Run:

Airfield/Maintenance Hangar Upgrades

Back in late-October Gundar Arms Industries gave us TOC12, a month ago we were introduced to the L16 Infantry tier, 2 weeks ago the L16 Vehicles joined the battlefield, and now it’s time to give our Aircraft units some love. Effective today:

  • Airfield is now upgradeable to L15.
  • Maintenance Hangar is now upgradeable to L17.

Take advantage of these upgrades today to start researching and building Level 16 Aircraft!

Level 16 Aircraft

The Level 16 OH-58 Kiowa, AH-1 Cobra, AH-64 Apache, UH-60 Blackhawk, Kamov Ka-50, Harbin Z-9W, MQ-8B Fire Scout, and Mi-24D Hind are here.

As with the recent max unit level increases, your Level 16 Aircraft will feature improved stats and no increase in battalion space requirements. As with any improvement in power, there is an increase in cost, production time, and repair time.

The best part about it? No blueprints are required for upgrading your L16 Aircraft. As long as you have TOC12 and the new building levels for your Airfield and Maintenance Hanger, you can upgrade away!

Elite AH-1Z Boost/Sale

As originally outlined in Issue #9 of the Battlehouse Dev Blog, this week we welcome an explosive boost and blueprint sale for the Elite AH-1Z. Effective now:

  • For one week only: The blueprint price has been slashed by more than 50%. Get them while they’re hot!
  • Hit Points have been increased by 600 at all levels.
  • Build time has been capped at 2 hours for higher levels.
  • Build cost has been reduced.
  • Research Hardware costs have been drastically reduced.
  • Like the Elite MQ8B, the Elite AH-1Z now buffs its companions. When flying under escort by an Elite AH-1Z, units take 25% less damage from incoming SAM fire.
    • Current SAM weapons are the Stinger Gunner, Elite Stinger Gunner, and Elite Nimr.
    • There are rumors of a SAM turret in the works, so you might want to take advantage of this sale now, Commander!

Bug Fixes

And that’s not all, Commanders! Here’s a recap of all the Bug Fixes from the past week:

  • An error message that was appearing when viewing certain turret-related missions is now fixed.
  • An error message that was appearing when viewing stats of the Stinger, Elite Stinger, and Elite Nimr is now fixed. These were related to the new Elite AH-1Z features.

Have feedback to share about this week’s releases? Let us know over on our Thunder Run Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Airfield/Maintenance Hangar Upgrades, L16 Aircraft, and more – December 12th Patch Notes