New this week in Thunder Run:

New Level 4 Leaders

This week, two new Level 4 leader teams are available:

  • India Force leaders that defend Fuel Depots and
  • Juliett Force leaders that defend Generators

Security teams from Level 4 leaders deploy as soon as enemies approach a protected building. If the attacker retreats, the security team automatically returns back inside the building.

This update means that your base will be better protected once your leaders are upgraded to Level 4.

To get started upgrading your leaders, check out the complete guide to high-level leaders on the Battlehouse forums.

Level 4 leaders now feature eager security teams

Syndicate Loot Update

In this week’s special event, all Syndicate single-player levels now give double ONP loot and double Fuel/Supply loot.

Plus, on the map, all Rusla bases now contain 15% more ONP loot and 25% more Fuel/Supply loot.

These updates bring the risk/reward balance for the Syndicate event more in line with other Thunder Run special events. Previously, Syndicate bases gave less ONP, Fuel, and Supply when compared with other events at similar difficulty levels.

Single-Player Bases

Single-Player Level ONP Loot
Syndicate L1 4,400
Syndicate L2 4,400
Syndicate L3 8,000
Syndicate L4 8,000
Syndicate L5 14,000
Syndicate L6 14,000
Syndicate L7 19,000
Syndicate L8 19,000
Syndicate L9 24,000
Syndicate L10 24,000
Syndicate L11 34,000
Syndicate L12 60,000
Total 232,800

Map Bases

Map Base Fuel/Supply Loot ONP Loot
Rusla L26 750k/750k 10,400
Rusla L30 1.5m/1.5m 16,000
Rusla L34 1.8m/1.8m 23,000
Rusla L38 2.1m/2.1m 29,000

Good hunting, commanders!

TR: Syndicate Loot Update, Level 4 India and Juliett Leaders – May 17 Patch Notes