New this week in Thunder Run:

This week, two new Level 4 leader teams are available:

  • Golf Force leaders that boost aircraft repair, training, and research speeds, plus
  • Hotel Force leaders that defend and boost Fuel Yards

To get started upgrading your leaders, check out the complete guide to high-level leaders on the Battlehouse forums.

Special Event Loot Boost

This week only, receive double the usual ONP from Single-Player bases in the Warlord event.

Plus, earn 40% more Fuel/Supply and 25% more ONP from Warlord Bangoi’s Map bases.

Bonus loot ends Thursday, April 26!

Warlord Single-Player Bases

Single-Player Level ONP Loot
Warlord L1 1,000
Warlord L2 1,200
Warlord L3 1,400
Warlord L4 1,600
Warlord L5 1,800
Warlord L6 2,000
Warlord L7 2,200
Warlord L8 2,400
Warlord L9 2,800
Warlord L10 3,200
Warlord L11 3,600
Warlord L12 4,000
Warlord L13 4,400
Warlord L14 4,800
Warlord L15 5,200
Warlord L16 5,600
Warlord L17 6,400
Warlord L18 7,200
Warlord L19 8,000
Warlord L20 8,800
Warlord L21 9,600
Warlord L22 10,400
Warlord L23 11,200
Warlord L24 12,000
Warlord L25 13,000
Warlord L26 14,000
Warlord L27 15,000
Warlord L28 16,000
Warlord L29 17,000
Warlord L30 20,000
Warlord L31 24,000
Warlord L32 30,000
Total 269,800

Warlord Map Bases

Map Base Level ONP Loot
Warlord L26 11,000
Warlord L30 17,500
Warlord L34 27,000
Warlord L38 34,000
Warlord L42 44,000
Warlord L46 55,000

Good hunting, commanders!

TR: New Level 4 Leaders, More Warlord Loot – April 19 Patch Notes