New this week in Thunder Run:

New Levels

  • The Transmitter can now be upgraded to Level 10, allowing more and bigger units to be donated to Clanmates.

Unit Improvements

  • Elite Rifleman: 30% more HP at all levels. Now sports up to 8,750 HP at max level!
  • Elite Truck Bomb is now specialized as a turret-killer:
    • +300% damage against Turret Emplacements and MG/Mortar/TOW Towers
    • -50% damage against targets that are not turrets

Quarry Turret Upgrades

Inside of quarries, MG Towers, Mortar Emplacements, and TOW Emplacements can now be upgraded to boost defenses.

The maximum upgrade level depends on the size of the quarry, as follows:

  • Small (S) Quarries: MG Tower L4, Mortar Emplacement L4
  • Medium (M) Quarries: MG Tower L6, Mortar Emplacement L6
  • Large (L) Quarries: MG Tower L8, Mortar Emplacement L8, TOW Emplacement L2
  • Extra-Large (XL) Quarries: MG Tower L10, Mortar Emplacement L10, TOW Emplacement L4

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Quarry Turret Upgrades, More Unit Improvements – November 9 Patch Notes