New this week in Days of Valor:

Unit Improvements

  • Elite Rifleman: 30% more HP at all levels. Now sports up to 8,750 HP at max level!
  • Elite Truck Bomb: Now takes 50% less damage from turrets, improved from 25% previously. Bombs away!

TOC Leader Updates

CPT Edison, the TOC Leader focused on Engineering, can now be upgraded to Level 48 in your Leader Barracks.

  • Level 48 specialization bonuses range up to 22.8% for research, repairs, or production, depending on which of the random specializations of CPT Edison you possess:
    • Research Engineer: Up to +22.8% to building upgrade speed and unit/turret research speed
    • Repair Engineer: Up to +22.8% to unit repair speed
    • Production Engineer: Up to +22.8% to unit training, turret mounting, and Yard collection speed

To acquire CPT Edison, start by hiring LT Edison in the Store, and use your Leader Barracks to level him up. Once LT Edison reaches Level 21, he promotes to CPT and randomly gains one of the three specializations named above.

Good hunting, Commanders!

DoV: New Levels for CPT Edison, More Unit Improvements – November 9 Patch Notes