New today in Thunder Run:

Two updates have been applied to the new Level 4 Alpha and Bravo leader items:

  • Level 4 Alpha leaders no longer lose 1x Elite Rifleman out of their security team after completing the entire Level 4 Alpha set. This means your security teams only get stronger when you collect all the Level 4 Alpha leaders.
  • A bug was fixed where the Store would sometimes lock Level 1 leader purchases with a “Maximum number obtained” error even if you had not finished training a Level 4 leader yet.

To review, security teams from Level 4 leaders deploy as soon as enemies approach a protected building. If the attacker retreats, the security team automatically returns back inside the building.

This update means that your base will be better protected once your leaders are upgraded to Level 4.

To get started upgrading your leaders, check out the complete guide to high-level leaders on the Battlehouse forums.

Level 4 leaders now feature eager security teams

Good hunting, commanders!

TR: Level 4 Alpha and Bravo Leaders Update – February 7 Patch Notes