New this week in Thunder Run:

Elite Truck Bomb Update

The Elite Truck Bomb gains two improvements to make it more effective for killing Turret Emplacements:

  • Double HP at all levels
  • Anti-turret armor: the Elite Truck Bomb now takes 25% less damage from turret shots
    • Displayed as a new Turret Armor stat on the Upgrade & Unlock menu

Other Unit Improvements

More units are getting improved this week:

  • Elite Rifleman:
    • 20% more DPS
    • 50% more damage vs. aircraft
    • 15% more weapon range
  • Elite OH-58: 15% more DPS
  • Combat Engineer: 10% lower training time
  • Truck Bomb: 20% more HP at all levels
  • Elite MSTA: 25% more HP at all levels
  • MQ-8B: 20% more HP at all levels

New Equipment Items

This week’s special event also features new Event Prizes:

  • AP Ammunition, Ballistic Armor, Laser Sights for the following units:
    • Elite Stryker
    • Elite OH-58

Technical Updates

  • When a friendly unit drops below 50% health, the HP bar now changes color from green to yellow (and enemy HP bars change to a darker shade of red).
  • As announced previously, the maximum XP level is now Level 75.

Good hunting, Commanders!

TR: Units Powering Up – November 2 Patch Notes