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Voice of the Martian Updates

Heads up, Martians!

It came in the dead of night. A patch of stars disappeared a few days ago. In its place, a strange spot of darkness, a black void where the stars should have been. It quickly grew larger, eventually encompassing the night sky. Then, it suddenly disappeared. The stars flickered again, as if nothing happened.

These were the words of our night-duty guards, who swear that since that incident, our technological progress has been reversed. That we have been sent back a short period back in time.

This, of course, is hard to believe. We are leaning more towards the possibility that our guards were having a sneaky drink while on duty. They have been sent to our resident psychiatrists for further eval.

We still have our CC12. We still have our latest military technologies. Our units, turrets, and bases still behave as they used to two months ago.

Still, even though the guards have sent to our resident psychiatrists for further eval, some of us cannot shake the feeling that something has changed. If what they saw was real, perhaps it is a sign of things to come. We will report any updates, Commander! In the meantime, here are the…..

Tweaks of the Week

  • Just in case it wasn’t clear above, all balance changes have been reversed.
  • If you have seen any units being invulnerable when being targeted by base defenses, it was a bug, and it has been fixed.
  • Due to the reversal of the balance changes, there will likely be little to no tweaks made further. Apocalypse event development is now in full-swing.

We appreciate all the feedback over the past few weeks on the new systems. We understand that some have gotten used to and have actually enjoyed the new systems. Unfortunately, further tweaking and balancing is taking up too much of our lead developer’s time – something we are running out of.

Have feedback to share about this week’s releases? Let us know over in the “war-star-empire” channel within our TR Discord Server.

Good hunting, Commanders!

WSE: Voice of the Martian Updates – December 1st Patch Notes